I VG Sweets 50ml 0mg Shortfill Vape Juice [70VG/30PG]

I VGSKU: VS-7108051262149

Flavour: Bubblegum Millions
£6.95 £8.95


I VG Sweets 0mg 50ml Shortfill [70VG/30PG]

I VG Sweets is a popular e-liquid brand in the UK, known for its high-quality and delicious flavours. This 0mg 50ml shortfill e-liquid is a great option for those who want to enjoy their favourite sweet treats without the nicotine.

Key Features

  • Made in the UK
  • 50ml shortfill bottle
  • 0mg nicotine strength
  • 70VG/30PG ratio for a smooth vape

This e-liquid is perfect for vapers who prefer a stronger flavour and a smoother throat hit. The 70VG/30PG ratio ensures a great balance between flavour and vapour production.


  • Bottle size: 50ml
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg
  • VG/PG ratio: 70/30

I VG Sweets e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using high-quality ingredients and are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure a consistent and great-tasting vape.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x 50ml shortfill bottle of I VG Sweets 0mg e-liquid


The I VG Sweets 0mg 50ml shortfill e-liquid is a great option for vapers who want to enjoy a sweet and smooth vape without the nicotine. With its high-quality ingredients and 70VG/30PG ratio, this e-liquid is perfect for those who want a great-tasting vape with a smooth throat hit.


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