Nectar Platinum Vape Cooling Unit

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Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Cooling Unit

The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Cooling Unit is a high-quality replacement part designed to extend the life of your vape. By owning spare parts, you're not only extending the lifespan of your vape but also doing your part for the environment.

This replacement part includes 1 x ceramic filter, 1 x rubber holder and filter, 1 x cooling unit base, and 1 x ceramic mouthpiece. With these premium components, you can expect optimal performance and a significant extension of your vape's lifespan - over 100% in fact.

The cooling unit is constructed with industry-leading materials, ensuring it's of the highest quality. The mouthpiece and filter are made from impressive ceramic, and the rest is perfectly suited to withstand high heat.

Replacing and cleaning the cooling unit is a breeze. Simply detach it from the vape by pulling on it, and then place the new one in its place. If you want to take the cooling unit apart and clean off any residue, follow these steps. Firstly, remove the rubber holder on the bottom of the cooling unit by pushing it outwards using your thumb, then remove the horseshoe clip using tweezers from your accessory pack, then pull out the ceramic mouthpiece, and finally, turn the rubber holder inside out to remove the ceramic filter and rubber holder filter. Now, with a cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol, slowly brush away any leftover residue. This will ensure perfect cleanliness.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art cooling unit design
  • Full replacement part for the Nectar Platinum vaporizer
  • Includes 1 x ceramic filter, 1 x rubber holder and filter, 1 x cooling unit base, and 1 x ceramic mouthpiece
  • Extends the life of your vaporizer by over 100%
  • Industry-leading materials used in construction
  • Ceramic mouthpiece and filter for optimal performance
  • Easy to replace and clean


  • Size: 22 x 11 x 7mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Airflow: 18.4 CFM
  • Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Detachable
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Reusable
  • Airflow Preventing Residue In Mouthpiece
  • Compatible With The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Cooling Unit Base
  • 1 x Ceramic Filter
  • 1 x Rubber Holder & Filter
  • 1 x Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Horseshoe Clip


The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Cooling Unit is a must-have for any Nectar Platinum owner. By prioritising the environment and extending the lifespan of your vape, you're making a responsible choice. With its state-of-the-art design, industry-leading materials, and easy replacement and cleaning process, this cooling unit is the perfect addition to your vape collection.