50ml Shortfill E-Liquid Juice

Looking for 50ml shortfill e-liquid in the UK? Vaper Store stocks shortfill bottles dripping with explosive vape juice for every palate, from mixed berries and tropical fruit to sour lemon and delicious candy flavours for your sweet-tooth cravings.

Shortfill e-liquids are nicotine-free vape liquids with extra remaining space so you can squeeze in your chosen nicotine shot. Our range of shortfill e-liquids comes in both 50ml and 100ml sizes, so you can try our larger bottles if you’re already confident in your chosen flavour. 

Shop Vaper Store’s collection of 50ml shortfill e-liquid in the UK and mix your nic shots the way you’ve always wanted to.

Our Range of 50ml Shortfill E-Liquids

At Vaper Store, we have an extensive selection of 50ml shortfill e-liquids from leading suppliers. We stock a wide range of e-liquid flavours for you to choose from before adding your nicotine shot, including tobacco, candy, mixed berries, lemon, menthol, strawberry, cream, and more. 

Our collection of 50ml shortfill e-liquid bottles is filled with premium juice at various VG/PG mixes, with a precise nozzle to easily dribble the juice into your vape. 

Just add your nicotine, shake well, and you’re ready to go! Vaper Store runs regular offers and discounts to try and make every effort to keep our 50ml liquid the cheapest online.

Shortfill from Leading E-Liquid Brands

When you’re browsing our collection of shortfill bottles, you can rest easy knowing that we only stock our shortfill e-liquid from top brands. 

Whether you’re topping up for a refill or you’re curious about trying a new flavour, you can grab premium bottles from companies like Double Drip, Airscream, VGOD, and more. Once you’ve filled your 50 ml e-liquid, you’ll experience true enjoyment as your vape juice shortfill takes your vaping journey to another level. All of our e-liquid shortfill bottles are designed so you can create your unique 50ml vape juice bottle with complete control. 

Various VG/PG Mixes

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) have different roles to play in your e-juice (50ml). PG is all about flavour; it’s thinner than VG and a great option for ex-smokers because it creates a similar feeling in your throat to a cigarette. 

VG is the component in shortfill e-liquids that creates bigger clouds with a smoother throat hit. A high VG ratio means that there is 70% or more of it in your 50ml vape liquid.

At Vaper Store, we offer 50ml e-liquids in a variety of VG strengths, from a VG/PG of 50/50 all the way to 80/20

Tip: Keep in mind that a high VG 50ml e-liquid is best for a sub-ohm device, while 50/50 or lower 50ml shortfills are ideal for pods and pens.

A Variety of Shortfill Vape Flavours

When it comes to nicotine-free shortfill e-liquid, 50ml is a great bottle size choice. It allows you to experiment with your VG/PG mix, plus it allows you to try different flavour options like pineapple, strawberry, mint, cherry, lemonade, and more before committing to a bigger bottle. 

Vaper Store offers a wide variety of different-size shortfill liquids with vibrant tastes, so you have complete control over your e-juice shortfill hit. Whether you’re a fan of refreshing methol, traditional tobacco, fruity blueberry, smooth cream or delicious candy, we’ve got it stocked and bottled for you. Just add your nicotine, shake, and enjoy your new clouds.

Buy your 50ml shortfill e-liquid from Vaper Store’s online collection for premium quality and convenience at affordable prices.

Shortfill E-Liquid - FAQs

Have a question about our shortfill e-liquid? Have a look at our frequently asked questions below, or get in touch via our live chat or our contact form.

How long does a 50ml shortfill last?

Once you blend your 50ml shortfill e-liquid with a nic shot, the 50ml shortfill bottle could get you approximately 18,000 puffs. However, it also depends on how often you smoke and how long your pulls are.

How much nicotine should I add to 50ml shortfill?

This depends on your choice of nic shot. Generally speaking, 50ml shortfill e-liquid is usually mixed with a 10ml nic shot. A nic shot can be between 15–20mg strong. This will create a bottle with around 3mg of nicotine.

Can you vape shortfill e-liquid without nicotine?

You don’t have to add nicotine to your shortfill e-liquid bottle if you don’t want to! However, it's important to keep in mind that if you don’t add any nicotine, the e-liquid flavour will be stronger.

How long until I can vape from my shortfill juice?

Once you’ve added nicotine to your shortfill vape juice, it’s essential to make sure the bottle is sealed and shake it up. Let it steep for around an hour. After that, you can vape with your new 50ml vape bottle!

What’s the difference between nicotine salts and shots?

Nic salts are absorbed faster by the body than nic shots are; they are similar to the feeling of smoking a cigarette. They use salicylate or benzoic acid, creating a smoother throat hit, too. They’re also specifically for pods, so it’s best to avoid using them in mods. Nicotine shots don’t come in different flavours like salts do and are specifically built to be added to shortfill liquid.

If you have any more questions about shortfill e-liquid, feel free to reach out to the friendly team at Vaper Store through our contact form or via the live chat.

Vaper Store: High-Quality 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid in the UK

Vaper Store recognises the importance of power when it comes to your vape. Having an e-liquid type that allows you to control your nic shots while enjoying a delicious flavour is key to enjoying your vaping experience. 

50ml shortfill e-liquid bottles are designed to give you the hit you’re craving and allow you to experiment with new flavours before committing to a bigger bottle. Our online store stocks only the best 50ml shortfill e-liquid from premium suppliers, with incredible flavour options like menthol, soda, strawberry, lemon, and more. 

Once you’ve found the right 50ml shortfill e-liquid for your palate, check out our stock of nic shots, low nicotine strength vape juice, disposable vapes, pod mods, coils, vape pods, and more!

Ordering & Delivery

Order your 50ml shortfill e-liquid from our convenient online-only store. We can deliver your shortfill e-liquid anywhere in the UK, with free delivery on orders over £25.

Buy your 50ml shortfill e-liquid in the UK from Vaper Store today, and get more control over your vape juice.