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Get your fix with a touch of relaxation! Vaper Store’s CBD vape range allows you complete flexibility with the choice of various CBD strengths ranging from 100mg through to 2000mg. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are thought to produce incredible results for anxiety and pain relief, although the potential medical benefits research is ongoing.

CBD vapes have become quite popular over the years — and for good reason. Besides getting in your daily puffs, CBD is purported to make you feel lighter, relaxed, and ready to face the day. CBD users can consume CBD in a number of different ways, but disposable vape pens are easier to use, simple to refill, way more convenient, and much more affordable, which is why CBD vapes are so popular.

We also stock CBD e-liquid and have a nicotine free vape collection if you're looking for a 0 nicotine disposable vape. 

Catch a break with CBD disposables from Vaper Store. We stock a wide range of CBD disposable vape devices so you can find your perfect match. 

Take a Break With Our Range of CBD Disposables

Our disposable vape pens are a great method of consuming CBD. Disposable vape pens make consuming CBD a lot easier for you as there’s no need to refill, allowing you to vape on the go. 

Vaper Store offers a wide selection of options for you to choose from, with puffs reaching all the way to 3500 if you’re looking for a long-lasting disposable CBD vape pen. We also have a range of CBD strengths from 120mg to 500mg from tons of premium brands, plus devices with excellent battery capacity, fast absorption, and dozens of delicious flavours, from berry lemonade to amnesia mango and beyond! 

Whether you're looking for a CBD vape for pain management or for a more natural daily vape, keep calm and browse our stock of disposable CBD vape pens in the UK to discover your best vaping experience.

CBD Disposable Vapes from Leading Brands

If you’re vaping CBD on the regular, you’ll be excited to know that our CBD Disposable Vape range is constantly expanding. Our CBD disposable vape pen collection is supplied by the best of the best — we don’t compromise on quality, and neither do the reputable premium brands we work with! 

To name a few, you can shop for a CBD disposable vape in the UK from elite brands like Aztec, Rain Energy, Gorilla Gloop, Dank Bar, and Kush Vape. All of these CBD vaping stars offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality CBD vapes. 

Delicious Disposable CBD Vaping Flavours

CBD e-liquid doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all journey. When you first start vaping, it should be an enjoyable experience; a disposable vape with CBD allows you to experiment with flavours until you find your favourite. Vaper Store offers tons of vape fluid flavours for your CBD disposable vape pen. 

CBD is all about relaxation, convenience, and taking advantage of the wonderful high bioavailability flavour your device can provide, meaning you get more CBD from your device than ever before. From lemonade and spear mint to citrus and berry flavours, your lungs will get hit with a burst of juicy, sweet, sour and everything in between. 

CBD Disposable Vape Pens with Various Puff Capacities

Want more out of your disposable vape pen? You can choose from a variety of puff capacities — ranging from 170 all the way to 3500 puffs — when you shop with Vaper Store for your next disposable CBD vape pen in the UK.

With rapid absorption and tons of puffs in your device, your CBD disposable vape pens will last so much longer. Have a look at our collection and get disposable CBD vape pens in the UK with the number of puffs you need.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens at Various Strengths

With Vaper Store, you have complete control of the strength of your CBD vape. Browse our selection for a disposable weed vape in the UK in CBD strengths ranging from 120mg to 2000mg. We also stock full-spectrum CBD vape disposables and CBD isolate vape pen options. Full-spectrum CBD is thought to be more effective as it contains cannabis plant compounds that enhance the potency.

Finding reliable CBD vapes in the UK is simple with Vaper Store. Browse our collection of portable disposable vapes, and find the flavour you’ve been craving.

CBD Disposable Vapes - FAQs

Have some questions about buying and using a CBD vape in the UK? If you can’t find your answer in our frequently asked questions below, contact the Vaper Store team through the Live Chat or Contact Form, and we’ll answer all your questions.

Are CBD pens legal in the UK?

CBD pens, disposable or not, are legal in the UK, but only if they contain less than 0.2% THC so as not to intoxicate users. There are many legal cannabis vapes that are also disposable, made using CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD with tons of advantages.

What are CBD tinctures?

Unlike CBD oil, tinctures are a mix of alcohol, water, and parts of the cannabis plant. Tinctures can be placed under your tongue for a similar effect to a cannabis vape. Tinctures can sometimes work faster than a CBD oil vape pen and can be more discreet.

Can a disposable CBD vape pen get me high?

While the vapour from a disposable CBD pen is said to have advantages for anxiety and pain, a puff cannot create a euphoric ‘high’ because CBD vapes do not contain nicotine or THC. This is why it is becoming more common for people to use CBD vape pens for anxiety, stress and pain management.

Do disposable CBD vapes have nicotine? 

CBD vapes have zero nicotine. However, they have been proven to still be effective in helping you quit smoking, especially if you’re vaping nicotine flavours.

How many puffs of disposable CBD vapes should you take?

It depends on you and your tolerance. Some people take a puff from their CBD disposable vape pens every 45 minutes, while others only take three or four puffs a day. Try taking one or two puffs of your disposable CBD vape pen and waiting around two minutes to see how you feel; this is enough for some people, while others might need a few more after that. Ultimately, it depends on you.

Can you drive with CBD vape?

CBD vapes can not make you intoxicated or high, so it is legal and safe for you to drive after taking a puff from the device.

Can I recharge my disposable CBD vape?

Disposable vapes cannot be recharged. The device has a built-in, charged battery. When the battery is depleted, the device can no longer be used. Vaper Store’s vape kits offer a great alternative to disposable CBD vapes, as you can just refill the device with e-liquid and charge it when the battery is low.

What is the strongest CBD disposable vape?

At Vaper Store, the strongest CBD disposable vape is 200mg. While inhaling CBD through vapes is generally safe, it may be best to slowly work your way up to higher strengths instead of immediately trying the highest strength available. 

Vaper Store offers a broad range of CBD disposable vapes to help you find the perfect puff on your CBD journey. If you have any other questions about our CBD vapes, get in touch via our Live Chat or Contact Form. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Vaper Store: Quality Disposable CBD Vape Pens in the UK

Looking for a CBD vape shop you can trust? Vaper Store is one of the leading online shops for a broad selection of CBD vape pens. We believe in convenient and cost-effective products that you can puff on without a worry in the world. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD disposable vape pens with a rush of flavour that will get you through your day with ease.

If you’ve already tried CBD vape disposables and you’re looking for something that lasts longer, check out our collections of refillable vapes, vape juice, vape mods, coils, pods, batteries and more! We have everything you need to enhance your vaping experience.

Ordering & Delivery, CBD disposable vapes anywhere in the UK and offer free delivery on orders over £25!

Take a calming breath with CBD disposables from Vaper Store. Browse our collection of CBD vapes to find your ideal CBD strength and flavour.