Nicotine Free & Zero Nicotine Vapes

Searching for a nicotine free vape? Vaper Store can get you where you need to go with a premium 0mg nicotine vape in the UK from top brands right here on our online store. We also stock CBD vape juice from popular brands that is compatible with our 0 nicotine vape devices.

0mg or nicotine free disposable vapes are still new on the market, so smoke them while they’re hot! A zero nicotine disposable vape means convenience, immediate clouds, and 600-10,000 puffs, all at affordable prices. They’re a great alternative to smoking, and you can catch super flavourful clouds with pre-filled e-liquid in all disposable devices.

With Vaper Store's no nicotine vape selection, your cloud is your choice. So if you don’t need the nicotine hit, browse our collection to find your new favourite zero nicotine vape. Vaper Store offers free UK delivery on orders over £25.

A Zero Nicotine Vape For a Hit Without a Kick

We only stock nicotine free disposable vapes from premium brands like Aroma King, SALT Zero, ELF Bar, True Bar, Flow Bar, Ultimate Bar, Kandy Kurdz, SKE, iBreathe and Crystal. Our 0 nicotine disposable vape collection has got you covered with a range of puffs from 600 to 10,000 and delicious flavours to choose from like Apple, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, and more.

Here’s what you can expect from our selection of no nicotine vapes. 

0mg Nicotine Vapes from Premium Brands

Looking for a non nicotine vape pen? Vaper Store stocks various vape pens without nicotine to give your day the flavourful clouds you’ve been craving, from brands like Elf Bar and HQD showing off devices with 600 puffs and up! 

Our suppliers offer premium, TPD-compliant devices of the highest quality with tons of delicious flavours to choose from. We don’t want you to limit your vaping experience just because you prefer no nicotine disposable vapes. We stock 0mg nicotine vapes from a selection of popular brands and flavours. Brands include but are not limited to: 

Various Puff Counts

Once you’ve decided on your flavour and device of choice, make sure you’re getting the right amount of puffs! 600 puffs is the standard for a zero nicotine vape in the UK. 

But a nicotine free vape pen in the UK doesn’t have to stop at 600 puffs — the quantity is fully in your control. Vaper Store stocks products with up to 10,000 puffs for frequent vapers or those looking for longer-lasting zero nicotine vapes.

Delicious Flavours

At Vaper Store, we stock all kinds of flavours for your electronic cigarette without nicotine to give you the delicious puff you need to start your day. With flavours like strawberry, lime, menthol, pineapple and tobacco, your no nicotine disposable vape device will give you the delectable inhale you’ve been looking for. 

Vaper Store stocks non nicotine vapes from various brands and in many flavours to offer you the luxury of choice. Explore our range to find your perfect fit.

No Nicotine Vapes - FAQs

Have some questions about our zero nicotine disposable vapes? Finding and buying a nicotine free vape in the UK is simple with Vaper Store — Take a look through our frequently asked questions or get in touch via our Live Chat or Contact Form. 

What are nicotine free disposable vapes?

A no nicotine disposable vape is just like any other regular nicotine disposable — except it’s a vape with no nicotine. Disposable vapes with no nicotine require no maintenance or set-up, you just need to pull on the mouthpiece, and you’re vaping!

0mg vapes are super helpful for those trying to stop smoking cigarettes.

How do 0mg disposable vapes work?

0 nicotine vapes work by heating up the coil with the in-built battery, which turns e-liquids into vapour. Once you draw from no nicotine disposables, that vapour enters your lungs.

What are the benefits of 0 nicotine disposable vapes?

Disposable devices with no nicotine have many benefits. For one, there is no addictive substance in the device, so you can enjoy vaping stress-free. A 0mg vape doesn’t affect your appetite or lead to increased blood pressure, either, plus vaping from a nicotine free disposable vape can help you stop smoking cigarettes.

Is a nicotine free vape safe?

All vape devices come with certain risks that are currently still being researched, but vaping from a disposable vape without nicotine may be safer than cigarettes.

Can you get 0% nicotine vapes?

Yes! Vaper Store offers convenient vapes without nicotine, which can help you stop smoking tobacco while enjoying the delicious flavour of your favourite vape juice.

Can you get no nicotine CBD disposable vapes?

Vaper Store offers CBD disposable vapes with zero tobacco or nicotine in them. A tobacco-free vape is a great alternative for smokers.

Can you refill zero nicotine disposable vapes?

Unfortunately, disposable vape devices cannot be refilled. However, this is much less maintenance and allows you the opportunity to find your favourite flavour without buying an entire bottle of vape juice. If you need help choosing your next 0mg disposable vape in the UK, get in touch with our friendly team for advice.

Can I use nicotine free disposable vapes to quit smoking?

Yes! Some people prefer vaping e-liquids with nicotine and then gradually lowering the dosage until they get to zero. Some prefer vaping tobacco-flavoured vape juice, while others go straight from smoking to vaping from a zero nicotine vape pen.

If you're looking to wean off more slowly rather than jumping straight to a vape without nicotine, we also have a low-nicotine disposable vape selection for you to choose from.

Are 0% nicotine vapes really nicotine free?

A vape with 0 nicotine really doesn’t have any nicotine inside it! Our range of portable 0mg nicotine disposables has a wide range of e-liquid flavours for you to choose from, so you can get a 0 nicotine disposable vape on the go at affordable prices.

If you have any other vaping questions, feel free to get in touch. Our committed team is equipped to answer any and all questions to help your vape journey along. Contact us through our Live Chat or Contact Form

Vaper Store: Quality Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes at Competitive Prices

At Vaper Store, we understand that not all of our vapers enjoy vaping with nicotine or want to be exposed to an addictive substance. Sometimes, it’s about the cloud, the flavour, and the feeling. 

That’s why our nicotine free disposable vapes are of the highest quality, with intense and vivid nicotine free e-liquid flavours like passion fruit, pink lemonade, strawberry, and more on your no nicotine disposable vape device. 

If you’ve already tried a nicotine free disposable vape and you’re looking for something different, we also offer nicotine-disposable vapes, different e-liquid vape juice, vape kits, mods, tanks, coils, pods, and batteries.

Ordering & Delivery

You can order a no nicotine vape in the UK right here on our website. If you’re thinking of stocking up on vape products, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £25!

Keep your clouds clean. Buy nicotine free vapes from Vaper Store for a hit without a kick.