Nicotine Shots for Vape Juice

Looking for high-quality nicotine shots in the UK? Vaper Store stocks a large nicotine shot collection with various nicotine strengths from premium brands.

Nicotine shots are a great way to personalise your vaping experience. All you have to do is choose your nicotine shot strength, find your favourite shortfill e-liquid bottle flavour, and have your very own custom bottle of vape juice.

Browse Vaper Store’s wide selection of nicotine shots for control over your shortfill e-liquid with your desired nicotine strength — all at affordable prices.

What are Nicotine Shots?

Nicotine shots, sometimes referred to as Nic shots are intened for use with shortfill e-liquids, these 10ml bottles can be added to any nicotine free e-liquid. They should be used to top up your nicotine levels to suit your individual tastes and preferences. Nic shots or nicotine shots are ideal for mixing in to your 50ml shorfill e-lliquid or 100ml shortfill eliquid bottles which contain no nicotine at all.

Nicotine shots either have freebase nicotine (shots with nicotine made from tobacco leaves), which creates a harsher throat hit, or they have nicotine salt in them. A salt nic shot will offer a smoother vape hit.

When you add nicotine shots in 10ml bottles to e-liquid in a shortfill bottle, you’ll create a 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength, depending on your desired strength in the shot. Shortfill is usually in a larger bottle of 50ml–100ml sizes and has zero nicotine strength, with a bit of extra space for your nicotine shot.

Nic shots or nicotine shots are ideal for mixing into your 50ml shortfill e-liquid or 100ml shortfill e-liquid bottles, which contain no nicotine at all. 

Our Range of Nicotine Shots

Craving more control over your vape juice? Whether you’re a heavy smoker looking for a throat hit from a nic salt shot or you just want a more personalised experience with the choice of higher strength, you can mix these small bottles of nic shots for vape juice in with all your favourite flavours.

Vaper Store’s collection of different types of nic shots comes in multiple strengths to beat your nicotine shot cravings at your preference.

Here’s what you can expect from our wide selection of premium brands.

Nic Shots from Premium Brands

Vaper Store offers a wide variety of brands for you to find your nicotine shot from your favourite brand.

Whether you’re looking for a salt nicotine shot or a stronger nic shot, our selection of premium brands has got you covered. With popular brands like City Vape, Nic Nic, Plus Nicotine and Wick Addiction, you have access to a perfect nicotine shot.

These innovative nicotine shot brands offer everything from a 15mg flavourless nicotine shot to icy flavoured nic shots with 18mg mix. Find your preferred vape nicotine shot brand on our online store and get the perfect nicotine shot for your vaping needs.

Various Nicotine Shot Strengths

With Vaper Store’s wide range of options, you have complete control over your nicotine vape shot’s strength. We stock both 18mg nicotine shots and 15mg shots so that you can opt for the ideal nicotine content you want in your e-liquid mix. 

If you are a regular smoker, a higher strength freebase shot or nic salt shot will help with cravings. If it’s your first time trying a nic shot, rather start off with a lower-strength nicotine shot for your juice.

Range of VG/PG Mixes

Our nic shot liquids come in a wide range of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) mix options.

A higher PG level in your nicotine salt will make for a stronger throat hit and smaller clouds, which is great if you prefer to smoke discreetly. On the other hand, a higher VG makes bigger clouds for incredible tricks and a smooth hit, which is preferable if you are not an ex-smoker.

Buy nicotine vape shots from Vaper Store’s convenient online-only shop and enjoy a custom vaping experience.

Vape Nicotine Shots - FAQs

Have a few questions about nic shots? Have a look at our frequently asked questions below.

How do I add a nicotine shot to shortfill?

The first thing you need to do is decide how much nicotine you want in your juice. Whether you prefer a low strength or something as high as a 6mg from your nicotine shot, you need to make sure you’re adding the right amount of shots to your juice. For example, if you add an 18mg nic shot to our 50ml shortfill e-liquids, you’d get a delicious e-liquid with nicotine shots at 3mg.

You’ll add your nicotine shot (or shots, if you’re using two) into your chosen shortfill flavour. 

After you’ve added your shot, give the bottle a good shake and seal it. Leave it for 20 minutes to an hour (but never longer than 48 hours), and then you can smoke away with your nic shot and e-liquid mix!

What is the difference between a freebase and a salt nic shot?

Freebase is basic on the pH scale, while salt nicotine is more neutralised. This means that it has a harsher feeling on your throat, while a salt nic shot is gentler. Nic salt is generally thought of as weaker, but you can still get a strong nicotine shot for vape juice with salt nic.

Both a freebase shot and nic salts vape shot are best used in pod devices, as sub-ohm devices can make your nic shot taste and feel a lot stronger.

How much nicotine strength can e-liquid legally contain in the UK?

In the UK, you cannot legally have more than 20mg of nicotine in your e-liquid. Regardless of whether you’re using a nicotine shot or pre-mixed nicotine e-liquids, the total nicotine strength must be below 20mg.

Do you have more questions about nic shots? Get in touch with Vaper Store through our Live Chat or Contact Form, and we’ll happily assist.

Vaper Store: Unique Vaping Experiences With Nic Shots in the UK

At Vaper Store, your e-liquid experience should be personalised to your desired nicotine strength. While our pre-mixed e-liquids are popular for their convenience, many of our vapers prefer the custom control that comes with mixing nicotine salt shots with shortfill bottles.

Once you’ve chosen your nicotine salt, don’t forget to grab your favourite shortfill flavour. Our shortfill bottles without nicotine salt come in a wide range of delicious flavours. 

With our wide variety of nicotine shots, you have a huge selection of premium brands and nic shot strengths to choose from. Once you’ve found your favourite nicotine shot, have a look at our collection of freebase nicotine suitable for sub-ohm vapers, nicotine salt or nicotine-free vape juice to quit smoking, coil and battery packs, mods, and more!

Ordering & Delivery

Our trusted online-only store offers a simple method of purchasing your nicotine shot. No sign-up is required — you just pick out your ideal nic shot strength and shortfill bottle, pay, and we’ll deliver it to your door as soon as possible. 

We can deliver your nic shots anywhere in the UK, with free delivery on orders over £25.

Buy nicotine shots for vape liquid from Vaper Store’s trusted and convenient online store and enjoy a personalised vaping experience at an affordable price.