Geekvape Pods

Looking for Geekvape replacement vape pods UK [“in the UK”]? Vaper Store stocks all kinds of refillable pods, from Geekvape Aegis pod kit replacement pods to the Wenax coil set and Zeus X RTA extended replacement glass.

Whether you’re a beginner starting with a top-fill Wenax for RDTL vaping (Restricted Direct to Lung) or you’re more into advanced vaping features, you can find your Geekvape pod replacement at Vaper Store.

Browse Vaper Store’s online shop and discover the convenience of affordable Geekvape pods with free delivery on orders over £25.

Our Range of Geekvape Pods

Need to stock up on Geekvape refillable pods? Our range features a wide variety of Geekvape products. Enjoy convenient top-fill, backup coils for when you’re on the go. At Vaper Store, we put comfort, convenience and affordability first, and only stock durable pods designed to last.

Here’s what you can expect from our selection of Geekvape pods.

4Pods for All Devices

Do you have to fill up your vape, but you’re all out of pods? With Vaper Store, it doesn’t matter which Geekvape device you use; we’ve got the replacement pod for it!

From the Aegis Hero and Wenax to the epic Zeus device, we stock replacement pods with advanced features and spare coils so you never run out of power. Make sure that you’ve got the correct pod for your device before you check out (depending on availability), as not all Geekvape pods are compatible with all Geekvape devices.

Pods in Convenient Sizes

When it comes to filling your Geekvape pod system, it’s all about getting the most out of that delicious flavour. With our Geekvape RTDL and MTL pods, you can enjoy a convenient 2ml e-liquid capacity. That means you’ll never unexpectedly run out of vape juice, and your device can easily fit in your pocket.

Advanced Features

At Vaper Store, we value quality and make sure our customers have access to creative devices and accessories. Geekvape products are widely known for their robust designs and innovative features.

Our Geekvape Aesgis Hero replacement pods are extremely popular with vapers. Their sleek silicone design and dual-slotted airflow system allow you to switch between MTL and DTL vaping. Just remember to stock up on coils and e-liquid at the same time so you always have enough spares for your pods.

Coil Packs

Our full range of vape pen refillable pods wouldn’t be complete without coils. Whether you prefer DTL or MTL vaping, our Geekvape coils will get you the power and control you’re craving. If you need to stock up on vape pods, it’s important to buy enough coils to match! Some pods come with built-in coils, while others, like the Geekvape Aegis, offer choice over coils.

Our Geekvape coils come in a pack of up to five coils so that you always have spares on hand for DTL or MTL vaping.

Order an affordable Geekvape vape pod replacement from Vaper Store’s online-only store.

Geekvape Pods - FAQs

Have a few questions about Geekvape pods? Have a look at our FAQs below.

How long does a Geekvape pod last?

Your Geekvape pod’s lifespan is determined by how often you are vaping, the resistance of the coil, and the type of e-liquid you’re using in your pod. Generally speaking, a coil in a Geekvape pod should last between one and two weeks.

However, if you don’t smoke often, it can last longer. By the same token, if you smoke often and don’t perform regular maintenance, it may not last as long.

How do I know when my Geekvape pod is burned out?

There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate when your pod burns out. For example, the vape juice might taste a bit burned, or you'll hear a strange bubbling noise when you inhale. Sometimes, a leaky vape can also be a sign that the pod needs to be changed.

Got more questions about vape pods on your mind? Get in touch with Vaper Store through the live chat or contact form.

Vaper Store: Affordable Geekvape Pod Kit Replacements

At Vaper Store, we understand the importance of ensuring you’ve got an extra Geekvape replacement pod. It’s incredibly convenient to just pop on a new, clean pod on your Geekvape pod kits or tanks for sub-ohm devices. 

Whether you snagged a Wenax at the Geekvape store, an Aegis hero or a Zeus, you’ll find a replacement vape pod UK [“in the UK”] compatible with your device at our online store.

From Geekvape disposable pods and top-filling mouth-to-lung pods to sleek designs and innovative technology, Geekvape is a leading brand boasting dozens of incredible features. With our wide range of Geekvape vape pods, you’re in control of resistances, size, and more. 

After you’ve chosen replacements for your Geekvape pod vape, take a look at our collection of mouth-to-lung (MTL vaping) pod kits, batteries, mods, coils, vape liquids and more!

Ordering & Delivery

Order your Geekvape products from our convenient online-only store today. We deliver refillable vape pods anywhere in the UK, with free delivery on orders over £25.

Buy Geekvape pods from Vaper Store and benefit from advanced features and convenience at affordable prices.