Smok Pods

Need Smoke replacement vape pods in the UK? At Vaper Store, we stock a vast variety of Smok vape pods for different devices, such as the RPM, Nord, Novo and more. With cutting-edge technology like adjustable airflow, variable wattage and smart mode, Smok pods are incredibly popular.

Whether you’re a new vaper looking for refillable pods for MTL vaping (Mouth to Lung) or you’re a veteran vaper used to premium Smok products, you can find your Smok replacement pods right here at our convenient online-only store.

If you need to get a few extra vaping products, Vaper Store has a full range of batteries, e-liquid, replacement coils, and more for your Smok pod system. See our wide selection of Smok replacement pods below.

Browse Vaper Store’s online shop and explore our convenient and affordable Smok pods.

Our Range of Smok Pods

Smok pod systems have a simple design, offer incredible portability, and show off trendy styles, complete with refillable pods to get you started. If you need to replace your Smok vape pods, our range includes various refillable pods (including mesh pods).

Our Smok vape pods have fantastic features for you to enjoy, like adjustable airflow, variable wattage, and a large capacity designed to carry all your favourite e-liquids bursting with flavour. Enjoy a convenient replacement for your pod kit from one of the top brands in the UK.

Smok Pods for All Devices

At Vaper Store, we make sure we stock Smok refillable pods that are compatible with all kinds of pod systems. Whether you use the legendary RPM (Read Pod Mod) and Smok Nord replacement pods or the Novo and Tech247, all Smok vapers are welcome here. We even stock replacement coils for your Smok pod kit so that you can keep your favourite e-liquids burning without a second thought.

Incredible Features

Vaper Store’s collection of Smok pods boasts a wide range of great features to enhance your vaping experience. Among our collection of Smok replacement pods, you’ll find:

  • Leak-resistant pods 

  • A large capacity for vape juice

  • Durable PCTG material

  • Adjustable pods for either MTL or DTL vaping

  • Top filling and side filling for e-liquid 

  • Transparent designs.

Depending on your device, you can enjoy some, if not all, of these amazing features. Our vapers stay loyal to Vaper Store for our wide variety of choices and range of products showcasing incredible innovation.

Wide Range of Sizes

When it comes to your Smok pod kit, it’s important to ensure that there’s enough space for your favourite e-liquids. To get that flavour bursting in your lungs, you can fill up with your favourite brand in our Smok vape refillable pods, sized between a 2ml and 4ml capacity.

With our MTL and DTL refillable pods vape [“for your vape”], you can smoke on the go. Be sure to check that you choose the Smok pod replacement that is compatible with your device — an RPM pod won’t fit a Morph Smok vape mod.

Affordable Packs

At Vaper Store, we understand the importance of enjoying the taste of your favourite e-liquid at an affordable price. Our pods come in packs with up to six attachments for your pod kit. While some of these packs include coils, others, like the RPM pods, don’t come with a coil.

Remember, whether you’re into DTL or MTL vaping, it’s always best to stock up on coils, pods, and e-liquid at the same time so you’ll never run out of spares!

Varying Wattage

With our DTL and MTL vaping replacement pods, you have full control over your watts. Our range offers vapers the choice of low watts, such as 25W for MTL vaping, or higher watts at 50V, like the large RPM device for DTL vaping.

Keep in mind that if you prefer to vape with higher watts, you will have bigger clouds to make tricks, but you will also use up your e-liquid a lot faster. With lower watts in your vape, you’ll get smaller clouds but save a lot of money on e-liquid and battery charges.

Order your Smok vape pod replacement from Vaper Store’s online-only store today. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.

Vaper Store: Affordable Smok Pod Replacements in the UK

At Vaper Store, we know how important it is to find the right Smok replacement pod compatible with your Smok pod vape. With the incredible features of Smok pod vapes, like variable wattage and smart mode, it’s so easy to just pop a new one into your pod kit on the go.  

If you’re a fan of the Smok brand, you probably have a Novo, Nord, RPM or Tech247. With our vast collection, you’ll find a Smok vape refillable pod compatible with your pod kit, no matter which Smok device you’re using

Smok is a leading brand offering our customers a wide choice of incredible products for a replacement vape pod in the UK. 

Once you’ve chosen replacements for your Smok pod kit, have a look at our range of MTL pod kits from Smok. We also stock disposable pods, batteries, mods, coils, vape liquids and more!

Ordering & Delivery

Get your fill of Smok products from Vaper Store’s online-only store today. We deliver refillable vape pods anywhere in the UK, with free delivery on orders over £25.

Discover true convenience with Vaper Store’s online-only vape product store and save money on your Smok pods.