Vape Kits - Advanced or Starter Vaping Kits

Need a vape kit? Our non-disposable vape kits can be refilled and are completely reusable, so you can vape on the go without worrying about buying new vape kits anytime soon. We’ve got it all, including vape pen kits, vape pod kits and starter kits for those new to vaping. We also offer super-advanced vape mod kits for the experienced vaper ready to up their vape kit game.

Vaper Store stocks a broad variety of vape kits to match your needs. Browse our elite collection of vape kits in the UK and get kitted your way.

What is a Vape Kit?

If you’re new to vaping, you may be wondering what a vape kit is. A vape kit includes everything you need to start vaping, which would include the electronic cigarette of your choice, a USB charging cable, a battery, a coil, a vape tank or pre-filled pods. Some vape kits even include e-liquid in different flavours!

Why Choose Vape Kits?

Many beginners choose to go for a vape starter kit when they start vaping. Kits are the ultimate transition from disposables because they offer a lot more control, convenience, and variety. In the long run, a pod device, vape pens, or any other type of kit is certainly more cost-effective than continuously buying disposables.

Get Kitted Out With Our Range of Vape Kits 

Ready to get your vape on like a pro? Vaper Store offers some of the best vape kits in the UK; they’re convenient, affordable, and top-tier quality. We only stock premium brands like SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, Geekvape, and Voopoo — the brands you know and love.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, our disposable vapes can come in handy. Our range includes zero nicotine 0mg disposables, 10mg disposables and 20mg disposables. We’ve even got the famous SALT Switch Disposables and 0mg True Bar Disposable brands, too.

Vape Kits for Every Budget

Vaper Store offers vape kits for every budget. Our range of vape kits marks an amazing upgrade from disposables, allowing you to get more power out of your e-cigarette. A vape kit is especially helpful if you’re trying to quit smoking and want something small and simple to carry around. 

Our low-range kits are for beginners looking for pen-style, tank, or pod kits with built-in coils on a budget. A mid-range vape kit is ideal for those starting to get serious about their equipment and want their choice of pod kits, pen kits, and mod kits from well-known brands. Our high-range vape kits tend to offer more benefits and control over features, often including a more robust device and stronger batteries.

Our Types of Vape Kits

There are many different types of kits out there, from simple inhale-activated e-cigarettes and a pod kit with single-button operation to disposables and more advanced vaping kits with tons of different features. Explore the different types of kits available at Vaper Store.

Starter Vape Kits 

If you’re new to vaping, a starter vape kit is the best choice for you. Vaper Store’s selection of starter kits is designed to get new vapers making clouds with convenience, simplicity, and affordable prices. Try an inhale-activated pod kit, pen vape, mod, or puff box with an easy fire button to get the vapour going.

Pod Vape Kits 

A vape pod kit is perfect for a beginner or intermediate smoker. They are simple to use with zero complications, as most pods are inhale-activated. Vaper Store offers pod vape kits built by popular brands like Smok, Vaporesso, and Voopoo — and they’re affordable. You just squeeze your choice of e-liquid into the device, give it a pull, and that’s about it. Browse our collection of pod vape kits for sale to discover your perfect match. 

Pro tip: It’s time to replace your pod when the flavour becomes less vivid or tastes a little burnt. Regularly clean the contacts between the pod kit and the device, charge the battery whenever it gets low, and keep it in a cool, dry place to get the best use out of your pod kit.

Mod Vape Kits 

A box mod kit is one of the more advanced vape kits UK in the UK, best for the experienced vaper. A box mod kit has a battery that lasts longer and bigger tanks to fill up with your chosen e-liquid. This type of kit also has tons of settings and customisable features, including variable wattage and temperature control. A mod vape kit offers a more personalised experience, but it tends to need more upkeep.

Pen Vape Kits 

Vape pen kits are the easiest devices to use, with a built-in battery, an open system to refill, and one button to turn it on and take a pull. Vape pens have a thin pen style that makes them convenient and simple to use. They have an open system, so you can choose which e-liquid you want. Some even have adjustable airflow. If you’re a fan of pen kits, we also offer a CBD vape pen kit for a more relaxed hit.

Sub-Ohm Kits

A sub-ohm kit is a kit designed for advanced vapers. It makes great clouds but needs a lot of maintenance. A sub-ohm kit can be either a pod kit or a mod kit, offering incredible control over features like variable wattage, airflow, temperature, and coil resistance. It is recommended that you avoid using high-nicotine products in a sub-ohm kit because these devices use a lot of e-liquid to make clouds, so you can accidentally take in too much nicotine.

Disposable Vape Kits 

Out the box and into a cloud — disposables with nicotine usually come in 10mg and 20mg nicotine quantities, and they’re the fastest way to get your hit on the go. With a built-in battery and coil, they’re simple to use with a smoother throat hit and intense flavours from pre-filled pods of e-liquid. No charging cable is necessary because vaping a disposable means the device only lasts until the battery runs out. We also offer CBD vape kits in disposable form.

Zero Nicotine Disposables

Zero-nicotine disposables are still new on the market and are great nicotine-free alternatives to smoking cigarettes. They’re convenient and simple and get you anywhere between 450–10,000 puffs from the battery. They have pre-filled pods of e-liquid containing zero nicotine and a built-in coil, so you can start vaping right away.

Our Featured Brands

Vaper Store only stocks kits from leading brands, ensuring that you get the most out of your device with a wide range of different types of vape kits, whether you’re a beginner trying out a starter kit or an advanced vaper looking for a premium sub-ohm kit or pod kit. Browse our selection of e-cigarette kits to find the right hit for you.

SMOK Vape Kits 

SMOK kits are for everyone — whether you’re new to vaping and trying to find beginner vape kits with inhale activation or you’re looking for something with a bit more control. Our collection from this leading manufacturer will get your cloud where it needs to be with high-quality, innovative designs and user-friendly functions.

Vaper Store also stocks a full range of replacement SMOK coils for the latest range of SMOK vaping tanks, so if you need some extras, we’ve got you covered.

Innokin Vape Kits 

Inokin has been building premium vapes since 2011. Our collection of elite kits ranges from simple pen devices to a pro tank with an internal battery. Find the right Innokin for the perfect hit.

Aspire Vape Kits 

Browse our collection of Aspire Vapes, an elite brand offering tons of stunning pen and pod vapes, plus all the latest vape kits. Their pod kits come in sleek designs, various shapes, and a strong battery.

Vaporesso Vape Kits 

From a simple pod kit to a device with great mods and a strong battery, you’re bound to find your perfect kit with our collection of Vaporesso products. Explore everything from inhale-activated pod kits to more advanced devices.

Geekvape Vape Kits 

Coming all the way from Shenzhen City, Geekvape is for the advanced vaping geeks — the ones obsessed with that perfect hit and ultimate control. Geekvape has broadened its range for beginners wanting a simple pod kit or disposable, too. Check out our selection of Geekvape kits to find your favourite box mod, inhale-activated pod, and more.

VOOPOO Vape Kits

Voopoo is known for producing one of the best vape brands in the UK. They’ve got it all, from a simple pod kit to super advanced devices with 60W, a strong battery, leather designs, and more. Have a look at our Voopoo range — you’ll find the perfect pick for your pocket.

UWELL Vape Kits 

Uwell is a fantastic brand for new vapers or those looking for a mid-range starter kit, offering high-quality pod vapes which can be altered with new replacement pods with your favourite e-liquid — pre-filled pods or by the bottle, your choice! Browse our Uwell kits with simple inhale activation and start vaping with ease.

FreeMax Vape Kits

Freemax is all about having an e-cigarette with style, convenience and innovative technology. They have something for everyone, including more high-end sub-ohm kits for advanced vapers, nano pods for easier portability, and slick and colour pod devices that will make your hit stand out in the crowd. Discover a new kind of vaping experience with Freemax.

Vape Kits - FAQs

Have some questions before buying a vape kit? If you can’t find the answer to your question in our frequently asked questions below, you’re welcome to reach out to the team at Vaper Store via our Live Chat or Contact Form.

Are e-cigarettes and vape kits the same thing?

An electronic cigarette and a vape kit are essentially the same thing. Cig kits, pod kits and vape starter kits all use a battery, coils, a tank, and e-liquid. The name is just a preference — you can call it vape kits or e-cigarettes.

What is the best vape kit for a beginner? 

Your first vape kit should be a starter kit. It is best to avoid sub-ohm kits until you get more comfortable. We recommend either a disposable vape for first-time vapers, a simple pod kit or a pen kit.

How long do vape kits last?

It depends on the kind of vape kit you have. Disposable vapes have a built-in battery, so they’ll only last you a few days. Other vape sets like mods or sub-ohm devices can last up to a year or longer, depending on maintenance, the kind of battery (built-in or external), and the quality of the battery.

Which nicotine-strength E-Liquid is best for the different types of vape kits?

If you’re an ex-smoker, it’s best to buy nic salt e-liquid for your vape pen or pod kit. 50/50 e-liquids with 0-18mg nicotine work well in these vapes, too, but these should not be used in sub-ohm vapes. For sub-ohm, it’s best to use shortfill e-liquid.

Have another vape question on your mind? Get in touch, and the Vaper Store team will make sure you’re in the know.

Vaper Store: Affordable Vape Kits From Premium Brands

Vaper Store understands how overwhelming the vape industry can be, especially for beginner vapers. We’ve made the process convenient, fast, and affordable for all our smokers. 

We are dedicated to providing the best vape kits online, from a starter kit to a pod kit, so you can make the right decision for you, whether you’re trying to quit smoking with cig kits or need some replacement pods. 

Once you’re all kitted out with your new vape kit, check out our collection of vape liquid, disposable vapes, pod mods, coils, pods, batteries and more!

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Looking for disposables?

Our range includes zero nicotine 0mg disposables, 10mg disposables and 20mg disposables with landing pages for the popular SALT Switch Disposables and 0mg True Bar Disposable brands too.