10mg Disposable Vapes

Our 10mg Nicotine Disposable Vape range come in a wide range of flavour profiles from some top brands like Aroma King, Elf Bar, Vapeman, Nasty Fix, Geekvape and  more. Most of these convenient vapes come with 2ml of juice and 10mg of nicotine salt.

If you prefer no nicotine or more nicotine, be sure to check out our 0mg disposable vape range or our 20mg disposable vape range.

More about 10mg Disposable Vapes

Use our filter to drill down through our range of 10mg disposable vapes. Especially if you have a preference over a particular brand, flavour or the number of puffs which range from 300-700. One thing to note above dipsoasble vapes is that they are generally not refillable. Whilst this type of disposable vape offers a degree of convenience, it also means that they aren't particularly good for the environment. So if you have a sense of eco-warrior about you or simply care about the planet, you should probably invest in a more re-usable and refillable vape kit which will have much better green credentials by design.

If you have any questions about any of our vape kits, whether refillable or disposable, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat and we'll do our best to help.