CBG Disposable Vapes

Vaper Store’s range of CBG disposable vapes come in a variety of strengths of CBG from 100mg through to 2000mg. Our CBG Disposable Vape range is constantly growing. Our CBG Disposables are supplied by the best and most reputable suppliers. Brands such as CBGX. Orange County, Wunderbar nad yCBG offer a compelling range of CBG vapes. Our CBG Disposable Vapes come in a pen style with puffs ranging from 600 and strengths ranging from 300mg through to 1000mg.

CBG, which stands for cannabigerol, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. CBG products are used by some for their potential medical benefits although research is ongoing. CBG users ingest the compound in various ways, including through vaping. Some studies suggest that vaping CBG may help treat conditions such as anxiety and pain. Our CBG Disposables offer a cheap, convenient way of consuming CBG. Choose Vaper Store for the best range of CBG Disposables. Not on the right page? Why not try CBD Disposables or our CBD e-liquid. If you're looking for nicotine based disposable vapes, we also have Zero Nicotine Disposables, 10mg disposables and 20mg disposable vapes.