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Our Range of VOOPOO Vape Pods

Are VOOPOO pod kits your go-to? Our range of VOOPOO pod products combines style and convenience for you to enjoy your favourite e-liquid flavour.

Here’s what you’ll find in our selection.

Pick Your Resistance 

MTL vaping has never been easier. With Vaper Store, you can stick to the famous VOOPOO brand and still have full control over your resistance.

If you prefer a low resistance for bigger clouds and a stronger e-liquid flavour, try a 0.7Ω or 0.8Ω VOOPOO replacement pod. The lower the resistance, the more battery will be used. If you want your battery to last, try 1.2Ω vape pen refillable pods.

Pods in Varying Sizes

Want more control over how much e-liquid goes in your pod? Our VOOPOO MTL pods come in 2ml–4.5ml sizes. 

We also sell our VOOPOO MTL pods in varying pack sizes, so you can stock up on multiple pods at a time!

Replacement Pods with Coils

VOOPOO MTL vaping is all about control. Some of our pods come with built-in coils, like the VOOPOO Argus replacement pods, while others give you control over coil choice for more power over your battery.

VOOPOO Replacement Pods for All Devices

Need to top up your e-liquid, but you’re low on pods? At Vaper Store, we stock VOOPOO pods for all kinds of VOOPOO vapes.

VOOPOO Drag Pods

If you’ve got the V.Suit, VOOPOO Drag X, Drag S or Drag MAX device, we’ve got you covered. From robust pods without coils to tanks with built-in coils for more control over battery life, you can find it at our store. 

VOOPOO Argus Pods

Do you have the VOOPOO Argus pod or Argus Air? Our ergonomic replacement pods for Argus devices are leak-proof and designed to last.

VOOPOO Vinci Pods

From cartridge pods for the V2 Vinci VOOPOO pod to the larger pods for the V3, we’ve got it all. At Vaper Store, we also stock mesh replacements for your Vinci vape.

Grab your vape pod replacement from VOOPOO right here at our convenient online store and enjoy affordable vape essentials at great prices.

Vaper Store: Premium VOOPOO Pods at Affordable Prices

At Vaper Store, we know how important it is to find the right pod products compatible with your VOOPOO pod system. We stock the VOOPOO Vinci pod, the VOOPOO Drag tanks, the Argus VOOPOO pod, and more.

We make your vaping experience affordable and enjoyable by providing vape pod products that last. VOOPOO is a leading brand that delivers durable, stylish and convenient refillable vape pods for all vapers. With a wide range of VOOPOO vape refillable pods, you’re in control of your clouds. 

Once you’ve found a VOOPOO pod replacement, check out our collection of adjustable airflow pod kits, tanks, battery packs, mods, coils, vape liquids, and more!

Ordering & Delivery

Order VOOPOO pods UK [“in the UK”] from our online-only store today. We deliver all kinds of replacement vape pods and e-liquid flavours anywhere in the UK, with free delivery on orders over £25.

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