Volume Discounts Suspended

Unfortunately and regrettably, we have been forced to suspend all volume discounts site wide until further notice.

Due to the way in which volume discounts were technically implemented, it created an exploit which allowed customers to re-use some of our more lucrative discount codes. These discount codes are intended for single use only (one time per customer) and are discounts for things such as becoming a new customer, subscribing to our mailing list or discounts that are provided for redeeming VIP points.

The re-use of high value discount codes is not intended to be possible because their re-use is simply unsustainable commercially. They are purely intended to provide big discounts as introductory offers or in exchange for assisting with the promotion of our website.

An increasing number of customers have been exploiting this vulnerability over time and so we have been left with no choice but to remove volume discounts entirely until we can prevent the re-use of one time only discount codes from occurring.

We are prioritising the restoration of volume discounts as soon as possible.

We thank all of our customers for patience as we work on a more robust and reliable solution.