Dr Watson 2500mg CBD E-Liquid OG Kush - 10ml

Dr WatsonSKU: VS-EF0335X0110



Indulge in the ultimate vaping experience with Dr. Watson's 2500mg CBD E-Liquid OG Kush. This premium e-liquid is expertly infused with a potent dose of 2500mg of high-quality CBD, delivering a powerful punch of both relaxation and flavour. Encased in a convenient 10ml bottle, this e-liquid boasts a rich and earthy OG Kush profile that adds a touch of sophistication to each inhale. Let the smooth and flavorful vapour calm your senses and promote a sense of well-being, elevating your vaping game to new heights. Whether you're seeking relief from stressors or simply crave a luxurious CBD vape, Dr. Watson's OG Kush is the perfect choice for those who demand the best. Discover the full potential of CBD and enhance your vaping routine with this exceptional e-liquid.

  • Highest concentration cannabinoid vape liquid in the UK
  • For use in your open tank vape 
  • Tastes like hemp | perfect for an authentic experience
  • Naturally Soothing & Relaxing 
  • Premium Full Spectrum Distillate
  • CBD + CBG 
  • 2500mg CBD
  • 10ml Bottle 

Usage: Gently Squeeze liquid into tank 

Ingredients: Full spec distillate, OG Kush flavour, Live Resin Terpenes, PG.

THC Content >0.2%


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